The Road to Sixty – Day 16

The Road to Sixty – Day 16

Teach your children well…

I have the opportunity to be at the Allon’s church of Christ this week for a VBS with the youth group. I will speak more to that later. 

This… teaching children, most youth ministers, don’t get the opportunity or take the opportunity to teach these little ones. To me it takes me back to my childhood, flannel graphs, memory verses, the VBS songs, diving into the Word, and walking away with knowledge and a deeper love for the Lord!

I could name you all of my teachers and perhaps the grade I was in when I had them as a teacher. Most have gone on to their reward, but I remember them for what they taught. And yes, I might use a few of their techniques when I teach today! 

Teachers, thank you for your tireless efforts to help our children love the Lord! Thank you for YEARS of service and your passion for the cause of Christ!

I am thankful that I have this chance to teach, I pray I am a light to them now and in the future!

Till tomorrow…

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