The Road to Sixty – Day 17

The Road to Sixty – Day 17

Mission Work…

I have been blessed to go on a number of stateside mission trips. Across the southeast and north is where the majority of trips has taken place. I have taken small groups and large group. We have done Gospel Meetings, VBS, Bible Studies, and service projects. 

I have seen young people and adults give their life to the Lord. I have seen lives changed, churches revived. Yes, most of this has been short termed..a week here and a week there. 

Some places we have been more than once… there is a part of me that wishes that I could go back to the places I have been to see the people I have made friends over the years. 

Speaking of friends…sometimes I think the best part of our mission trips are the friends we make. I think like Paul as he wrote to the churches he visited and worked with, he wrote specifically saying hello to individuals he met while there!

Tonight I am in Allons, TN and I am thankful for the church here and the work we have been able to do tis far!

So to the following people I bid you greetings…Leola Chambers, Jim Sexton, George, Page and Bob and Dave,  to the Byrd family, the Sampsons, Cordell Lee and many others, greetings to you, thanking God for our friendship through the years and for your faithfulness. 

I thank God for each of you.

Till tomorrow…

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