The Road to Sixty – Day 18

The Road to Sixty – Day 18

Bible Thoughts…

One of the things I love so much about this work is the random moments of Bible Study. The questions and thoughts that the young people genuinely have and want to know about the Bible, about God, the future and their souls and the souls of others amaze me.

They love God, they want to serve, they want the world , their friends and family to want to be christians. 

How do we reach them, how do we reach them? Thats the questions…they want to be deeper in the word. Closer to God. 

I learn from them, I’m glad that Dale and i get to talk with them. I pray that I help them, I know they have helped me!

I love this walk, I love my kids and I’m glad I get to spend this journey with them.

Till tomorrow…

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