The Road to Sixty – Day 19

The Road to Sixty! Day-19

Late nights

A dark road, a van full of sleeping kids, well, there is that one that keeps talking. Arriving back home at 11:05 PM, another mission trip is in the books!

They are tired, they are sad, they are running a gamut of emotions.

But it is all good!

Tomorrow will be a new day! They will sleep a little late and I will probably get up at the same early time. We will talk about this trip over the next couple weeks and we we will pray for this church that we have worked with and tried to help grow stronger in the Lord!

Driving back tonight I have thought about the many times we have pulled in late after many different events. The parents sitting there waiting, excited about welcoming their children home. I’m sure they will talk to their parents and let them know the fun they had as well as some of the drama that takes place.

But all in all they will say, it was a great trip!

For me, I will thank the Lord for another safe trip of travel and of service to Him. Two, like the youth group get a little sad and a little emotional after trips like this because I pray that the work we have done will be beneficial for the kingdom of God.

Looking forward to the next trip.

Till tomorrow…

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