The Road to Sixty – Day 20

The Road to Sixty – Day 20

Remove – Regroup – Restore

The summer rush is over, kids are going back to school, there are a few last minute events that will happen before the fall routine sets in.

And then there is this… yes, that is my office and it is a total wreck! I haven’t spent much time it this summer (of course that is evident.) so now I will take the time to remove the things I do not need, I will regroup all of these items and put them in their place, then I will restore the order so I can use this space again.

Some would say its a bit junky, full of stuff, let me tell you, I probably have a story about everything in there! It is FULL of memories from many places near and far!

Maybe I should share some with you sometime!

I will tackle it and get it ready and clean. Just so I can put more things in there!

Till tomorrow…

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