The Road to Sixty – Day 21

The Road to Sixty – Day 21

They Grow Up!!

Tonight I had the opportunity to lead the singing at the Highland church of Christ! The singing went great and it was so good to see many friends!

There are a couple of men at the Highland Church that are pretty special to me! Matt Shirel was a mere child when I was the Youth Intern at the Washington Ave church of Christ in Evansville Indiana. It is great to see how he has grown to be a leader in the church. 

The other is in this photo. When I met Brian Oakley he was a thin, tall, basketball playing, Jr. High Kid. He grew up in my youth group and frankly, never gave me any trouble. (beyond reason) He was active in many different events, Horizons, Camp, Bible Bowls. His parents were HUGE in working with our group. 

I am so proud of him. He now is a director of an Assisted Living in Columbia, but even more thankful that he is an elder at the church at Highland. 

I love his family…his children are special to me! 

There are many more I could (and will) talk about on this journey. Tonight I am thankful that he is a part of my life.

Till tomorrow

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