The Road to Sixty – Day 22

The Road to Sixty – Day 22

Who would have knew…

Today I had the opportunity to be with this young man at a youth rally in Pulaski. I thoroughly enjoy hearing Kyle Butt speak. His knowledge of the word of God and in apologetics is amazing.

But that doesn’t surprise me! I don’t know if he has a photographic memory, but he remembers  about everything he sees and hears!

Allow me to go back in time…

Bible Bowls were huge in the Columbia area and it was buzzer competition style. Kyle was probably the quickest I have ever seen in these events. The moderator would start the question and Kyle would ring in around the second or third word. 

He frustrated a lot of people in these events. 

How did he do it?

Kyle would record on cassette tape the questions and the text and would listen to it while he would mow lawns and at night.  Then he would be ready. 

The only time I saw him flustered was in a KJV only Bible bowl in Alabama. He was prepared, there was this young lady who was his equal. 

Today…his knowledge is deep, yet he relates to all who listen. I am glad he is a soldier for the Lord. I am glad he is my brother and my friend.

Thank you Kyle!

Till tomorrow…

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