The Road to Sixty – Day 23

The Road to Sixty – Day 23

Back to School

These are my kids! They are heading back to school. It’s been a busy summer, but, yet a great summer. So today, along with the rest of the church we prayed for them as they are starting back. 

If we were to go back to 1983 my first graduating class is now 53 – 54 years old. They have children and yes some have grandchildren. There have been 37 of these classes that I have prayed for every year. 

I know that Satan is and will be after them, that is why they will need their peers. I pray their peers are their fellow christian friends. 

I pray the older students will be examples to the younger and be there for them. I pray that they will be a shining light to their school and to their communities. 

I pray for the parents, for difficult decisions that might have to be made.

I pray for their safety.

I pray that I can be the example they need and I thank God that I still get to do this thing I love SO much.

Thank you to all the “Jerry’s Kid’s” through the years! 

Till tomorrow…

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