The Day to Sixty – Day 24

The Road to Sixty – Day 24

Dan the Man!

I have alway admired Dan Winkler. His love for the Lord and the Lord’s church is contagious.

When you are with him, you know that he is a light to this world!

It goes back a bit…

You see his father Wendell Winkler was a great gospel preacher and writer, I probably own every book he wrote. I led singing in a few gospel meetings that he held later in his life. I enjoyed learning from him.

Now Dan,

It came a bit later, hearing him at lectureships and meetings. His work at Crieve Hall and Huntington, will forever stick in my mind. His teaching at Freed-Hardeman and hearing about the students that couldn’t wait to get his classes. 

I have blessed to be friends with his children and grandchildren. 

When he came on board at Spring Meadows, I was ecstatic! I knew that our young adults AND adults would benefit from his classes and preaching. 

But it is what he has done for me… The encouragement, the genuine, gentle spirit that he has for ALL people. The knowledge that he shares is valuable! I am blessed to be a part of this team that makes up of Dale, Dan, myself and Larry.

If you know Dan you will know Jesus!

Dan, thank you for loving the Lord and serving together!

Till tomorrow…

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