The Road to Sixty – Day 25

Road to Sixty – Day 25

Make it work…

I have always enjoyed tinkering. Really, from a child I was tearing apart radios, tape players, 8 track tapes and putting them back together. 

i moved up to bigger toys…that 73 Grand Torino with the 351 Cleveland engine would fly. And is had a pretty awesome sound system and of course a CB radio! KADW 9159 was the license number and the handle was the “Munford Tom’s Man” or “Peanut” 

I learned a lot by what you would call trial and error.  A LOT!

So, Dale had been frustrated that his convertible top wouldn’t come down and an mechanic said that the had fixed it…


I told Dale, let me look at it, and we did what every smart person does today…googled it.

Found the problem and ordered the part, it came in. 

One problem.. 

It was a small switch in the back that let the top come up and down in the trunk, of a very small car. As you see in this photo (thanks Dale) there wasn’t much room. No, I wasn’t being kidnapped and I wasn’t sneaking into a movie.

Ah…but I love the challenge. Got the switch in (took about 10 minutes) put everything in place and the magic moment! Push the button and….nothing.

Dale and I both kept looking (he on the net, me on the car) finally I took the switch out again made a minor adjustment. And pushed the button and…

IT CAME DOWN!!!! There was much rejoicing! 

I say all of this for one reason. My Granddaddy told me when I was young, “Son, you can be a Master of one trade or you can be good in many” No I’m not a mechanic, not a electrician, not a plumber, but I can do enough to be dangerous. 

I love to tinker…

Till tomorrow…

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