The Road to Sixty – Day 26

The Road to Sixty – Day 26

Rain – Storms and Peace

It’s August and it seems that every other day we are having the “dog-days of summer” along with it come those short storm blast…

Today was one of those days. Now it’s no secret I have quite a few trees at my house, so today one of those short, strong storms came through with straight line winds clipping the top out of a couple of trees. Thankfully they were away from the house or cars and there is no major damage. 

I have seen a lot of storms of life in this Road to Sixty.  Many of them have been storm of tragedy, they come in quick hitting like straight-line winds, snapping and hurting families, leaving a path of destruction. 

I have also seen storms that last a long time, a continual pounding and drenching seeming to never end. Yes, many people deal with these storms in life. A long term illness, family dynamics that continue to bring stress and pressure. 

Oh, you know what I am talking about…

What comes after the storms… light, peace, healing.

What about these storms of life, when you feel like they will NEVER end? 

It is all in what you look for…

When I lost my Dad, few people knew how lost I felt. When my daughter went to college, few knew the depression I felt. 

My mom has always been a source to go to, she would say, “in the dark son, look for the light” God, has this…He promised. 

She is right!

I will go and clean up that tree that fell, might have to have a little help, I will make that call!

In the storms of life, I might have to have a little help, I’m not afraid to make that call.

Neither should you!

Till tomorrow…

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