The Road to Sixty – Day 27

The Road to Sixty – Day 27


I had to make a trip to The Great State of Alabama. So this morning I took some time to go and see my Uncle Ernest (mom’s brother). He turned 90 a couple of months ago. And he is in relatively good health. 

What you may not know is he has been there for me through some tough times during my childhood. 

In fact, he has been there for MANY young people and adults in his life! 

Here are a few things you could know about him…

He is a friend to everyone…even if you don’t like him, he will still be your friend.

He will say what he thinks…he will do it in love, but he will let you know.

He can fix anything….and if he cant, he will fix it his way!

Everyone in Munford, Talladega, Oxford  knows him.

He loves his family… and He misses Aunt Daisy (his wife) and Russell (his son) a lot.

He loves the Lord’s church and has a genuine concern for ALL souls. 

He believes in the power of PRAYER. He prays fervently.

He wants YOU go to heaven!

I am thankful that he will set and talk with me for hours. I am thankful that I can set and listen and take in the wisdom and humor from him.

You should get to know my Uncle Ernest!

I think you would like him!

Love you Uncle Ern…

Till tomorrow…

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