The Road to Sixty – Day 28

The Road to Sixty – Day 28

Cousins – 

While on the trip to Alabama on Thursday, I found out that my cousin Wayne Hann was having open heart surgery. I went over to the hospital in Birmingham to visit with the family. This is my moms sister’s family (she passed away a while back) and they are pretty special. While we waited for Wayne to get settled in ICU, i had a chance to spend some time with cousins Shane and Sharon. They are always a joy to be with and it’s like we have never ben apart when we get together.

When we were children we spent a lot of time at our Grandmama and Granddaddy Bittles. Birthday Parties, (Sharon and I share the same month) playing games and spending time with each other. 

I miss Jeffery (he passed 3 years ago) but it is good to remanence and laugh about a life that was way different.

Tonight I got to brag about my cousins to the youth group…You see They are the owners of The Shack BBQ outside of Talladega. Of course I’m gonna tell you its the best, it must be it’s been around for over 40 years. 

Sharon has always been gracious and when I told her I needed BBQ for a Youth Cookout! I brought home 4 Boston Butts. Everyone enjoyed it and I had a great time telling the story about my cousins and my Aunt Dot and Uncle Haskell.


Got to love family…

Till tomorrow…

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