The Road to Sixty – Day 29

The Road to Sixty – Day 29

The Attic

So in the midst of cleaning and straightening out the garage front the summer activities. I got the bright idea to go up in the attic to see what was there. I remembered that we had put the Fisher Price rocking horse up there and I wanted to get it down for Mila Dean at some point. So I pulled the panel down and climbed in there.

There it was, that little Rockin’ horse that I remember being much bigger. It’s been up there probably 25 years. It is still in great shape, just needs a little cleaning. 

But that wasn’t all…

Up there was the walker that Danae used nearly 30 years ago, also the Graco Swing that we put her in as a baby.. As i look at that swing, I wondered how did we put that baby in there! look how rickety it is! 

Then I remembered…That was the best of that time AND she lived!

I ‘d be lying if I didn’t say my mind drifted back quite a bit! I remember that baby in the swing and we would crank it up and she would sleep, laugh and cry when it stopped. 

I remember putting her in that walker and she would scoot around the house as she learned to walk. I imagine she had a few meals on that tray. 

That horse was a favorite of hers, she would ride and ride and ride, making cowgirl sounds, “yahoo” “giddyup” “woah horse”  she was a cowgirl!

Can’t wait to see Mila Dean try this out, it will be a few more months…

Thus I get it ready for her!

What a memory!

Till tomorrow…

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