The Road to Sixty – Day 31

The Road to Sixty – Day 31


So today, I had the opportunity to speak to the teachers of Spring Meadows Academy. Our pre-school opens in September and we will welcome around 180 students! 

In the inservice today, I shared with them the importance of our Bible Study time with the children. I reminded them that it was vital that we instill upon them (yes, 2-4 year old) that the Bible is the greatest book in the world. While they might not remember every lesson taught, it is importance to instill Biblical truths (God created the world, Moses, led the children of Israel) even at this age. I challenged them to involve the parents. Get them to help with a memory verse, check a coloring picture. 

You see, we may be the only Bible the children receive. Their first introduction to Bible stories, Bible songs and Christian living will be seen through our staff! 

I challenged them to till the soil and plant a LOT of seeds this next year! I will do my part to minister in our chapel times. 

I want the parents of our SMA students to be thankful that they have sent their child to a school that will put the Bible first, above all things. 

If our children will live by this great book, it will change the world!

I’m glad I get to work with these beautiful teachers and students!

Till tomorrow…

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