The Road to Sixty – Day 32

The Road to Sixty – Day 32

This Old Guitar…

It could relate to the old song by John Denver. 

I have had this acoustic for 35 years and it still travels with me wherever I go. I remember when I got it. I had been to Maury Christian Camp at Chickasaw outside of Henderson and was on my way back to Columbia. My old guitar was in the back of my truck along with a lot of other camp equipment. My wheel went off the road, I started swerving, the left lane with a truck coming right at me. I slid back to the right lane (sideways) came to a stop, and it was like it was SLOW MOTION, my truck rolled on its side, breaking only my mirror.


We were okay, truck was okay. The men in the oncoming truck (that was pulling a trailer of cooking equipment and propane) checked on me.

Then I recognized them and they me!

Yogi and Gabi Spears!!! From the Lomax Church in Hohenwald. 

They said, “Son, you scared us to death!” We saw that truck and something flew out of it! 

We couldn’t stop! What was it?

Upon going up the road, there was my guitar in 1 million pieces…

My guitar…crushed.

To this day when I see Yogi or Gabi, the first thing they greet me with “Guitar Man!!!)

But this guitar….

You written many songs, you played to large audiences, to small audiences. It has played fun songs at every camp!  Preschoolers to Senior citizens!

Bluegrass to Rock, Jazz and Blues, you have played it all!

You have played with a lot of young people, we have sang thousands of songs.

Your case is worn, but it still carries you with safety. 

You still ride in the back of my truck, now behind my seat. 

You are getting some age on you, so am I!

Maybe we will be the next Willie Nelson and his guitar!

I can’t wait for the grandkids to hear you!

Some people will get this, some will not…This guitar is a friend.

I will play you tonight..just me and you, might even write another new song!

Let the music play!

Till tomorrow…

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