The Road to Sixty – Day 34

The Road to Sixty – Day 34

Man’s best friend…(maybe)

I have had a number of animals in my life. Most of them being dogs. My earliest memory of an animal was a German Shepherd named “Skip”!  That dog was my friend for 12 years, I also remember the day we lost him. Yes, I cried. A lot. 

In my adulthood, we have had a few pets. We had a cat, Sparky who thought he was a dog. We found out Pam was allergic, but she would rather suffer than get rid of him. He lived 16 years…Then we got Chipper. yes after Chipper Jones, yes we are Braves fans. He was our family dog. He would do just about any trick, Danae did a great job of training him.  We sure miss that dog! 

Now we have Lucy!  I know you are thinking…Isn’t that Danaes dog? Well, yes and no. In the beginning she had her at her home. But when Mom moved in with us, she has spent a lot of time with her. 

It’s pretty neat, First thing in the morning when Mom gets up she sets in her chair, Lucy comes and hops in her lap and proceeds to give her a good morning kiss!  Through the day, she is by Mom’s side, looking after her, being the companion she needs to be. 

She’s a BARKER! Just let any squirrel, stranger or UPS truck come by and she will let you know it! LOUDLY! 

She is a cuddler, she like to be held, and to snuggle, (she is only 4lbs.)

In the picture she is next to me. This is the first thing in the morning and last at night. I have loved our pets for the joy they bring in our family’s life. 

Just don’t ask me to watch a dog movie…

Tell me about your favorite pet!

Till tomorrow…

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