The Road to Sixty – Day 35

The Road to Sixty – Day 35

The In-laws…

Hard to believe that this couple have been a part of my life for nearly 36 years. I can’t really put into words what they mean to me but I will try.

It was the fall of 1979 i was going into my sophomore year at Freed-Hardeman,  It was move in day. So like any smart student, you wanted to help the new and returning students to move into the dorm. I made sure I was at Bradfield girls dorm to help any of those that were in need. There was this young lady from Louisville, Ky that I helped move in. She was cute. I am sure that she would remember me because I had my LIME GREEN overalls on.

She thought I was a dork. 

I met her mom and her granny and they were very friendly and kind. 

It was 2 years later, when this young lady and I started dating, eventually engaged, then married. 

The day I asked my (now father-in-law) to marry Pam. I will never forget his words.  “Never mistreat her and be a good husband}. Yes, I was scared.

My mother-in-law told me she knew from the beginning (that meeting at the dorm) that I could be the one for her daughter. I am glad she thought that then.

I love Pam’s Mom and Kenny. They have been there for us in joy and in pain. I have seen them care for their parents and now Mom cares for Kenny as he lives daily with Alzheimers. 

Unconditional love…she cares, feeds and takes care of his every need.  I thank God that she raised my wife to be the woman she is and I thank God for her everyday.

My father-in-law has his moments, but he adores Pam’s mom. It’s not unusual to hear him say “thank you” when she cares for him. 

I would dare say you couldn’t find two better family members. 

I’m just glad that they allowed me to marry their daughter.

Till tomorrow…

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