The Road to Sixty – Day 37

The Road to Sixty – Day 37


I love Sundays! I love the time to spend with Gods’ people in song, prayer and fellowship!

A few years ago the elders at Spring Meadows made the decision to focus more on the worship. Quit looking at the clock and worship God. 

It was interesting because I wasn’t sure how the congregation would take it. I mean we are all used to the one hour time slot. 

I am thankful for Larry Arnold. For those that don’t know, Larry is one of the directors of the Diana Singing. He also leads and plans our worship at Spring Meadows  each week. He, like I, have led singing for many years. We both love worship.

Larry plans our worship with thought and care. We sing more…we pray more.

We take our time when it comes to the Lord’s Supper. Yes, even in our giving we take the time to focus. 

We even let Dale preach…

We worship till completion. We leave edified. We want God to be exalted. 

We love the time we spend together in worship. We talk about our time of worship and we look forward to the next time we worship…

As a family.

I am thankful that Larry is my brother and my friend.

I am glad that we work for the Lord…together!

Till tomorrow…

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