The Road to Sixty – Day 40

The Road to Sixty – Day 40

Some Days…

There are those days that are filled with adventure and then there are days that you wonder how will you ever get through it.

While on the way to Nashville today, I was using the Waze app to get me to my destination. It’s pretty reliable always looking for accidents and the best way to get to your destination. 

When we were getting close to I-440 the app diverted me from the heavy traffic and construction through a residential section. At first I thought, no this is the faster way, and I KNOW this way. However, I will give it a chance…

It took me through a section of Nashville that I hadn’t been through in a long time. The houses were beautiful and the scenery was pretty amazing.

But this caught my eye…


A what? Whats a calming area? 

So this is the conclusion I came too. The speed limit was much lower, intentionally. There were “speed humps” about every 50 yards. There were police cameras that had eyes on you the entire way. 

So, while it was peaceful driving slower, seeing the homes and the beauty of the landscape. I needed to get to my destination. I found myself creeping faster, coming up on the “humps” and looking at the cameras to see if they were coming after me yet. (or if I get a ticket in the mail)

So my calming experience was a little nerve racking…

I came home my normal way…

Till tomorrow…

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