The Road to Sixty – Day 41

The Road to Sixty – Day 41


With the colleges in full swing, I found this photo of my Freshman year in college. I didn’t start until January of 1979, because I had a change of heart.

Let me explain…I at first wanted to go into the Air Force and to go into this new expanding area of Computer Data Processing. As time drew closer, I knew it wasn’t what I really wanted to do. 

Dad had built his route sales business so much he was ready to divide it and he offered to let me begin my own route. Good job, good pay. 

But that’s not what I wanted. 

It was the preacher at the Munford church that encouraged me to try preaching. 

Uh… Preaching? 

“Junior, you need to go and get a Bible degree!” 


Well you could go to Alabama Christian (Faulkner) it was a 2-year school then, or you could go to Freed-Hardeman College. 

Well, my sister went to Alabama Christian and I was not going to follow her. So Freed-Hardeman it was! 

The first week of January 1979, I showed up on campus and for the next 4 and 1/2 years, my life was formed and shaped. I studied under some of the best Bible scholars. I have everlasting friendship. 

I met my wife. 

The school taught me “How to Live and How to Make a Living”. 

It taught and showed me that I could use the talents I have for the “Glory of God”!

The young 18 year old in this picture has changed a lot! 

I thank God every day for the choice I made, Freed-Hardeman was good for the little country boy from the rural area of Alabama. 

So I work for Him daily! 

Till Tomorrow…

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