The Road to Sixty – Day 42

The Road to Sixty – Day 42

Friday Night Lights!

I have always loved the game of football! Especially high school football. Of course things today are far different. Tailgating, pyrotechnics smoke and glitzy was all at the college level. 

Nowadays, every ballgame you go to is an event. 

It’s neat, but I still like it when cheerleaders cheer, and bands put on a performance at half-time. 

I played for a couple of years. I really don’t know why, but I was fast and could run…you would too if your were chased by guys twice your size. I played running back, safety and was a punter. 

That reminds me of a story… We were in a game and it was time for a punt. 

I go in and set up for the punt, the ball is snapped and I see what I think is the tallest and biggest person I have ever seen…

Now go into slow motion…

I punt the ball, but as my foot reaches its highest point, Goliath comes down on top of me with my foot going underneath his facemask. My foot is stuck on his face. No big deal…WRONG!

This guy panics, stands up and begins to move his head back and forth. 

Now picture this…BIG guy swinging back and forth with little guy’s foot stuck waving around like a limp noodle.

After one of his players tackled him we got my foot out and finished the game. His face required some attention for scratches, my ankle, tendons were torn. 

That was it for football. 

I still love it, and watch it. But I’m glad I lived through it!

Hope you enjoyed the mental picture and got a laugh out of it.

Till tomorrow…

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