The Road to Sixty – Day 43

The Road to Sixty – Day 43


No,  not the Carly Simon song from the 70’s. Not even the college football season starting tonight, could match up with anticipation I have had all day. 

Why you may ask? Do you really have to ask? I think the photos of these two tells you where my heart has been today! 

Today, I also realized how much I am like my Dad. I remember Mom telling me how he watched every car that would drive by wondering when ours would pull into the driveway. He would be the first one to come out the door and he would come to get…..yes, the baby!

So today with technology, I followed the kids all the way from Missouri to the house! And I found myself looking out the door waiting for the car, however, I wasn’t the first to see them. 

Mom, was positioned to see the car just as came in! “There they are!” she shouted! Of course we met them out the back door and I found myself running to the kids! 

Oh, what joy!  

I am glad to have them here for a couple of days and yes, I will spend as much time as I can with them. They bring many smiles to a lot of faces.


The best will be as we anticipate being in worship together tomorrow, worshiping God together as a family with our family!

I can wait to see you all!

Till tomorrow…

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