The Road to Sixty – Day 44

The Road to Sixty – Day 44

Hand Prints – 

One of the things I love is that once a year our young children that are promoted in their classes leave handprints on the wall. It goes back for several years and many of the children that have left their prints are grown!

This is the picture of todays group! I look at them and think that they were 2 years old when i came to Spring Meadows. They are still very young but I can’t help but think where these young people have the opportunity to be in the future. 

They have their dreams…they will grow, their dreams will change. 

I pray that one thing will never change. Their love for God!

These young people have some amazing parents. They have made sure that their children are present for worship and classes.

It is evident that faith is practiced in their homes. I pray that this continues and increases. 

I hope that when they are older they will come back and see their prints on the wall! 

I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of their lives. I look forward to the future of them growing in the Lord and in His church!

Thank you for letting your children grow at Spring Meadows Church of Christ!

They may have left a print on the wall, but left a bigger print in my heart!

Till tomorrow…

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