The Road to Sixty – Day 46

The Road to Sixty – Day 46

These Kids…

So today was a bittersweet, emotional kind of day. First, I had to say see you later to my grandchildren as they went back to Missouri. Paisley, the 4 year old gave me the biggest hug and told me she will miss me and Minnie. Mila Dean, gave me that beautiful little grin as she garbled the most beautiful gibberish that a 7 month old could do. Also, got to witness the crawler coming out. Look out world she will be a runner before long!

Had a meeting with a few of the youth ministers and our new College representative from Faulkner University, Phillip Randolph. Philip is the grandson of Leonard Johnson who was one my professors at Freed-Hardeman.  i enjoyed being with these guys as we discussed our young people and their futures. 

Finally, got to spend some time with one of my seniors at Spring Hill volleyball game. It was intense, but I think I had the most fun watching the mother of this young lady cheering and glowing after her child! I have watched her play since the 7th grade and she has really come into her own as a player. Even more she has a beautiful heart for people. 

I’m thankful for the support that we youth ministers have with each other, I am also thankful for the families that we get to serve and minister.  

I will rest when I hear the kids get home and all are safe. I will take the time to pray for some special friends that need another voice in prayer. 

I love getting to do what I love to do!

Till tomorrow…

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