The Road to Sixty – Day 47

The Road to Sixty – Day 47


In my nearly 40 years of ministry I have had the opportunity to work with a number of elders. Only 2 congregations but a total of 26 different men that have served in the position as elders. 

I have been in number of meetings with them over the years. While not in the leadership role, I always appreciated the value they saw in us (the ministers) to help with the congregation. 

I have been in those meetings where tears came from the eyes of these men when someone had left the church. Or seen the concern when trying to shepherd a family going through strife. 

I have also seen the joy of prayer with expectant parents and spiritual advice given to young people. 

They have been there to shepherd me…when I needed shepherding. 

Some have gone on to their reward. Some I still see periodically. 

Those that I work with today have the love of the Spring Meadows on their heart. They also have the love of the Lord’s work throughout the world. They allow us ministers (Dale, Dan, Larry and myself) to go and spread the gospel! 

They pray…diligently, fervently. They are true to the word of the Lord. 

How blessed I have been in my life to have men that encourage and believe in the work that I get to do!

Thank you to all those that have shaped my life and my ministry!

Till tomorrow…

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