The Road to Sixty – Day 48

The Road to Sixty – Day 48

The Miles…

I purchased this truck in 2006 when my Dad was in the hospital in Alabama. I had a 92 Ford Ranger with 190,000 miles on it. It was time for a trade, I drove past this lot saw this Red Ford F-150 and thought, this is my next truck!  

I come from a truck owning family, I remember the 1950 chevy, my Uncle Ernest had and riding in the back of it to VBS, swimming holes and a world of other places. 

I remember the 1963 Chevy that my cousin Russell wrecked and scared us all. 

The 1971 C-10 Chevy my Dad had that he got from a gentleman that lived in the mountains. His last truck was a Ford Ranger. 

I don’t think we have ever owned a truck that wasn’t a work truck. They have hauled refrigerators, stoves, garbage, watermelons… you name it I have hauled it!!!

I have hauled equipment to camps, retreats, mission trips. I can’t tell you haw many sets of tires or gallons of gas I have used in this truck. I have had around 60 oil changes keeping the blood of the engine alive!

Why write about trucks today? It was while I was getting the oil changed today that  realized what this truck means to me. It’s transportation yes, but it has served others as much as me! It’s getting older, but we will take care of it and hope it will last a few more years!

Just like me!

Till tomorrow…

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