The Road to Sixty – Day 49

The Road to Sixty – Day 49


Today is message of solitude, sometimes you just need to have that time when it is you, yourself. You and your family and maybe a few close friends. 


A time to pray, for reflect, to love. 

This photo I found today is unique in that it is a reflection in a door. The image of the cross is clearly seen. That is what clearly is seen. but look and see how many other crosses there are in this photo

Jesus took the cross up for you and me and rightfully so that is the cross we focus on. Jesus also said, “If any man come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. 

Yes, when I see this picture, I see the cross that Jesus bore…but when I look into this world, I see many others that have taken up their cross and follow the Master. 

It is those that made an influence in my life, and for those that I give thanks that we all carry our cross for Him!

My prayer is that we ALL become cross-bearers for the Lord!

Till tomorrow…

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