The Road to Sixty – Day 51

The Road to Sixty – Day 51

When September Comes…

The first day of September did not disappoint. Awesome worship with my church family at Spring Meadows. 

This morning as I was driving to the building on my usual route, I was looking around at the trees. There is this one particular tree I watch ever year when fall comes. It generally will have a brilliant reddish-orange leaf, and at its peak will beam in the evening sun. 

That tree has started to change, now granted it will take several weeks for it to complete its metamorphosis and I’m sure that I will be watching it going through the cycles.

It’s kind of like watching children. We all love watching them grow and change. When they reach certain levels or accomplish certain goals we marvel at their lives.

From babies to toddlers, elementary to high school, college to adulthood, retirement to the passing of this life as we know it. 

Change happens…

The tree I watch change each year will some day cease, but each day that I pass it, I will watch the changes and the cycle each year. 

I will also enjoy the changes of the lives around me!

Till tomorrow…

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