The Road to Sixty – Day 52

The Road to Sixty – Day 52

Labor Day

So as the summer comes a close and the fall season will be coming in, it comes the time to do a little fall cleaning, yes, you heard that right fall cleaning. Time to pack away a lot of the t-shirts that are wore each summer at the various places…Maury Christian camp, Horizons other occasions. 

So I have to ask myself the question, When do I get rid of some of these shirts? I mean, some have a lot of meaning. Memories. History. 

I have been told to take them and make a quilt. I have so many, I could make a quilt that could cover the state of Tennessee. (maybe that’s a little exaggerated).Needless to say I have  few containers full! 

I will go through them and decide which ones i will part with sending them to Goodwill or to be made into diapers for third world countries. 

I do love receiving the shirts! I plan to get more! Upon looking at some of the ones I will depart with I could tell stories of each one. Some of the people that were involved, and the hearts that were touched…not because of the shirt (even though we joke about it being “all about the shirt”) but because of what it represents. 

I love my shirts…but I love the memories even more!

Till tomorrow…

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