The Road to Sixty – Day 53

The Road to Sixty – Day 53


If I were to count up the number of Wednesdays and Sundays over the last 37 years of my ministry it would be 3848. Now, if I taught a class for each one of those times (I haven’t) that’s a  lot of classes. 

I’m making the preparation for a new series for the Youth Group at Spring Meadows. It is questions that THEY have presented that they want BIBLE answers. It has been challenging, something that you can’t throw together. 

I was thinking over the years the number of hours spent by my fellow ministers and others that have prepared thousands of lessons over the years to teach the children, the teens, the college age, the adults. 

The various books of the Bible that have been taught along with the number of topical studies. 

One thing sticks out in my mind….Preparation. 

I am thankful that I had great teachers that showed and taught me how to be adequately prepared. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy. To prepare to teach others, I must prepare myself to teach.

That is why I read…the scripture first. 

That is why I pray… to prepare my mind.

That is why I research…to further my knowledge 

That is why I go over it again and again…to present it adequately.

That is why I evaluate myself…to see how I can improve.

It will sound strange but the best lesson I learned in preparation didn’t come from a classroom. My Granddaddy Bittle in his many life lessons to me showed me the necessity of doing things right. Whether the old phrase “measure twice, cut once” or “you got to break the ground before you plant the seed”, 

Smart words teaching lessons to be prepared. So I continue to prepare…every day!

Till tomorrow…

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