The Road to Sixty – Day 54

The Road to Sixty – Day 54

Lunch Ladies…

This time of the year when school is back in session we get back into a fall routine. 

Today was one of those special days. 

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays the 9-12th grades meet at Chick-fil-A for our Lunch Ladies meeting. 

What is Lunch Ladies? Well you must ask Philip Jenkins the Youth Minister at Mount Juliet to get the whole story, but here is what it is for us. 

Our youth group loves each other…and they have a genuine concern for the Lords’ church. We pray for our youth group, we discuss about those that are missing, or falling through the cracks. They (the teens) talk about what it will take to get them back. We go over every name in the youth group and pray for them.

We discussed the guest that have been with us and what we need to do to make them feel welcomed. 

Tonight, we prayed for the 6th graders! We want them to be involved, included and recognized.

I love their creative minds and their zeal. I love their hearts. 

I’m glad to call them “Jerry’s Kids”

P.S. Chick-fil-A is not that bad either!

Till tomorrow…

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