The Road to Sixty – Day 55

The Road to Sixty – Day 55

“The Ten”

A little throwback here…This photo takes me back to a fun time at FHC-U. This group of young men were all Bible Majors. This group was called “The Ten” actually no one knew who they were until this yearbook advertisement appeared. We had a faculty sponsor, Sam Hester and a secretary Melanie Romine (Jenkins). 

Who were they? Well, there were some that would say they were ten most eligible bachelors, some would say the ten least likely to get preaching jobs. 

We did service projects. i remember having a booth at the fall festival, no one manned it. It was an honor system game. It worked! Most of these guys were preaching every weekend, spreading the word of God!

One in this photo was my college roommate. David West. We lost a great one when Daniel was taken way too soon. One the guys fell in love with the secretary (Dale and Melanie). Who knew that over 30 years later I would be ministering with him. 

All of these men have been and are influences in my life we have laughed together and cry together. Miles and time have separated many of us, some of us get to see each other and serve together. 

They have impacted the kingdom!

Why do I write about this? When I look back at this photo, I see 10 very young men that have a love and passion for the Lord and His work. I’m glad that this relationship started at a place we all love. 

Till tomorrow…

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