The Road to Sixty – Day 56

The Road to Sixty – Day 56

Grandparents Day

Today I had the opportunity to speak at Clarksville Christian School.  I have been speaking here for the last several years now. I have seen them grow rapidly, especially in the last 3 years. 

I have spoken in chapel, at their graduation a couple of years ago, been there in a time that was hard for the student body. 

Needless to say this school grows on you!

Today was their Grandparents Day and they had around 300 grandparents to attend. It was awesome to see the students sitting with them and spending time together. It is always great to see the faculty and staff and board members. The enthusiasm at the school is amazing. 

They invited me to speak at their chapel time. I have a habit of taking a “bag lesson” each time I go and they kids expect to see it. Today I shared with them memories of my own grandparents by showing them things they i have. My grandfathers police hat when he was a deputy sheriff and my grandmothers Bible. 

We spoke of the memories that were being made that day and will be made. I challenged the older high school student to spend that precious time they have if they are blessed to have their grandparents. 

I encouraged the grandparents, if you were going to leave anything for your grandchildren to instill in them the love of the Lord! 

What a great day to share a message from Gods Word and to be with some great people!!

Till tomorrow…

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