The Road to Sixty – Day 58

The Road to Sixty – Day 58


Not citizens, but high school seniors. I have 9 this year at Spring Meadows and today after our time of worship we went out for lunch. This is something I do each year to encourage them and for them to encourage me. 

Here are a few things I love about this class:

They are faithful…they might not do everything with the youth group as far as activities go, but you can see their light shine ALL around. 

They are concerned for the youth group, they are representatives to the new 6th graders who just came up and they are great leaders to the group as a whole.

They are smart – athletic – talented, but above all they are as beautiful inside. 

They will have promising futures. But a stronger future in the Lord’s church. 

They have some pretty amazing parents. 

I’m thankful I get to be their Youth Minister, they mean a lot to me and Im excited for this last year together. 

I didn’t get a photo of our lunch outing today but I’m sure you will be seeing them a lot this year!

Till tomorrow…

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