The Road to Sixty – Day 59

The Road to Sixty – Day 59

Another Night at The Garage

Well, not just any night. Tonight we started our 18th year of The Garage Bible Study. The first one was held, September 4, 2001 That was a Tuesday night, six of the kids from my youth group wanted a Bible study that wasn’t at the church building. We met together, sang songs prayed and studied the Bible together. 

At the end of the evening one of the teens replied that we think this will be the start of something that is good! We should mark this occasion. I grabbed a Sharpies and gave it to the kids and said sign your name on my door! They did…Honestly, I didn’t know how long something like this would last. Generally, it runs a course and them you move to something else. 

But this has kept going. There have been small numbers  and there have been large numbers. There have been occasions where a planned Bible Study changed in a moments notice. I remember one night when a teen walked in crying before we started, then they stated that their parents had just decided to get a divorce. We spent the time in prayer, and giving this young person the time they needed. 

There have been other special occasions. We have many different speakers and subjects. Just like this photo. 

Friends have been made, hearts have been shared, prayers have been lifted up and souls have been touched. 

There are names all over the walls chairs and even my toolbox, but most important those names are in my heart!

Thank you God…

Till tomorrow…

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