The Road to Sixty – Day 60

The Road to Sixty –  Day 60

This One is Hard

It is Suicide Awareness Week… everyone has been affected by this. You know someone, know of someone, or may have been personally touch by this. 

One thing that is true…it hurts. 

It hurts the hearts of families.

It tears at the minds of friends.

It will leave people speechless, with wonder and why?

This year has been hard, losing a very close friend, and I have seen all of the things above. 

I have lost several friends. Even youth group members. 

I have been angry – sad – depressed – all of those stages you go through.

You NEVER forget.

There is much more available to people that years ago, we talk about it more, we even hashtag it #worldsuicidepreventionday have awareness.

Im glad. I remember the time when it was a hush topic. We went quietly and rarely discussed the things that caused people to do this. 

It will be repeated and should be shouted! THERE IS HELP!  Call, seek out, run to, get help. 

If you see the signs from a person that appears to be battling or struggling. 

ASK THE QUESTION, “Are you thinking of harming yourself?” 

Then…Listen, seek help TOGETHER, don’t leave them. 

And if you are that person, know this YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 


Call – text – show up – go to the people that will help you!

You want my number? You got it… I will answer.

You want it anonymous, Call 800-273-8255 for confidential support or text “HOME” to 741741.

I love you too much to lose you.

Till tomorrow…

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