The Road to Sixty – Day 61

The Road to Sixty – Day 61


So today everyone has mentioned, discussed, gone back in time 18 years ago. 

We call it 9-11.

I have found myself several times today, thinking back.

You see each generation has their REMEMBERING moments. 

For me, here is a list of things that stick out to me…

The assassination of John F. Kennedy

The Landing on the Moon

The Riots in Alabama

The End of the Vietnam War

George Wallace being shot (only those from Alabama might know who this is)

The Challenger Explosion

The day that Paul Bear Bryant died.

The bombing of Beirut

The Gulf War – Begins



The Oklahoma City Bombing

and yes 

The World Trade Center – Pentagon – Pennsylvania 

These are etched in my mind and there are others that would make this list much longer. 

These are things that have touched the hearts of countless people and we remember. 

Sometimes it is dates – maybe it’s the place – maybe it is where you were, what you were doing. These things that are embedded like a history book. 

Except you lived it.

Each one of could make this list, some could go further back, The Great depression, WWII, Korea. 

 We have that memory. 

We mark it on the calendar, make memorials, write it into the history books and journals and newspapers.  It is documented through photos, video and now live streamed. 



Tonight I will pray for peace just like I do every night. 

Thanking God for this place I live in!

Till tomorrow…

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