The Road to Sixty – Day 62

The Road to Sixty – Day 62

It’s a Thumbs Up Kinda Day!!!

Yesterday, (Wednesday) and today, I started back with our chapel times at Spring Meadows Academy. 

Spring Meadows Academy is a ministry of the Spring Meadows Church of Christ. We have 180 2-4 year olds in our program. Our Program is a Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday format. 

Chapel time is fun! As i wait for these little ones to walk in, I pray quietly.

Lord, let me touch their heart with your word!

After a resounding GOOOOD MORNING! We begin our singing. Being the first day many of the news ones were somewhat apprehensive. Maybe they didn’t know the song or still they might be getting used to this older man with a gray beard singing children’s songs!

I’m in the Lords’ Army!

This little light of mine….(Hide it under a bushel?) with a resounding NO! They shouted it out loud! Little fingers circling in the air!

What’s the greatest book in the world? the reply: The Bible!!!! 

Why? Because it is Gods’ Word!

Oh.. the B-I-B-L-E yes that’s the book for me!!!

I get to teach even for just a few minutes from the book I was taught from, the book I love and the book I want these children to learn from!

We will learn about creation, Noah and Moses, Joshua, David and prophets. 

We will learn how to treat one another and LOVE one another. 

We will learn to be like Jesus!

At the end I always ask the question: “What kind of day you gonna have?”

Every time two little thumbs go up and they all say together: “It’s a thumbs up Kinda Day”

I hope you have that same kinda day!

Till tomorrow…

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