The Road to Sixty – Day 63

The Road to Sixty – Day 63

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So today was a travel day as I am speaking in West Plains, Mo.  I love the people here and the good drive that they have to help the church to grow!

It was a beautiful drive, clear skies, less traffic pretty smooth sailing. I  was coming across the Mississippi River into the flat country where the rice fields and wheat fields are abundant. It seemed like a hundred miles away but there was this smoke cloud in the sky. I felt like I was going to drive right into this cloud. As I got closer I realized that it was a control burn on a farm.  It took my mind back to my grandfather burning off the property to “help the ground”.

Having the opportunity, to go through the various terrain shows me the beauty of our country and the beautiful creation that God has given.

What was even more beautiful was these young people. The singing tonight was tremendous and they were there Bibles open and ready. They are concerned about friends and family that are not following the Lord. Some even struggle themselves. 

But they have each other. I witnessed this tonight as they spoke with each other, they included everyone. You could tell they are genuine about their faith.

I will speak 2 times tomorrow and I am honored. I feel that I have and will learn more from them than they from me!

Till tomorrow…

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