The Road to Sixty – Day 64

The Road to Sixty – Day 64

The 380 mile drive back from the Youth Rally in Missouri would seem like a long way. However, I enjoy driving. I prayed for the 2 precious souls that responded today. To have changes in their lives, to be closer to God, to become “More that Conquerors” I prayed for the good brothers and sisters at the West 110 congregation. 

I also prayed for Sunday, I will lead our worship Sunday morning at Spring Meadows and I prayed that I will be the servant that will lead the church before the throne of God.

I prayed for the people that will fill the auditorium that they will be prepared in their hearts to worship. 

I prayed for the other men that will serve and lead in this time. for their preparation. 

I prayed for Dale as he will present the lesson from the word of God. 

I prayed that the lost will be saved, that the erring will return home.

I prayed that all will be done in love, that God will be glorified.

That the kingdom will grow and Satan will be defeated. 

I loved my ride home…

See you in worship.

Till tomorrow…

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