The Road to Sixty – Day 65

The Road to Sixty – Day 65

Let’s pick a song!

I was in the wife’s car today and  started searching through her CD’s. (Yes, we still listen to them.) I found an old one that had no markings on it and it had turned somewhat yellow.

So I placed it in the player and waited for it to begin to play…

My mind went back 40 years…now I know there were not CD’s then, but this was a recording of a concert as Freed-Hardeman College in Bader Gymnasium for the Freshman Mixer!

The group…Pickin’ Time, a school sponsored group working for the admissions department. I had the privilege to work with these guys for a couple of years. It was a blast! 

We played a mix of music, bluegrass was the main drive but we played pop, rock and country. Our specialty was our harmonies. 

Fox on the Run – Midnight Flyer – Broken Lady – Dig A Little Deeper in the Well – Foggy Mtn. Breakdown and Rocky Top were just a few of the songs we would perform. 

On this recording were these guys pictured:

Kyle Wadley – Mandolin player and some of the best lead vocals you could hear. Today, he works with the church in Hoover, Alabama. 

Stuart Brownlee – Bass, Guitar, Banjo – harmonies and lead vocals. He lives in Missouri and owns his own business. 

Me – Guitar- Bass – Lead and Harmonies vocals – If you are reading this you probably know about me..

Mike Glasgow – A virtuoso in the music category. I never saw an instrument he couldn’t play.  Banjo-Piano-Guitar-Violin- you put it in his hand and he can play it.  Oh he could write songs also. He was from Bristol, Virginia.

We traveled all over the southeast playing and promoting. You could hear us at Social club events and even at Dr. B’s pizza place.

It was a good group and we had a lot of fun serving a school that we love. 

As in all things, it came to an end. New faces and names, a change of genre of music. All good things to reach the audience for the school. 

I’m thankful that Freed-Hardeman offered me this opportunity, to not only play music, but to make friends that I think of often, even though we may be miles away we are still friends to this day.

Who knows…we might even plan a reunion.  It could happen..

Till tomorrow…

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