The Road to Sixty – Day 67

The Road to Sixty – Day 67

It’s Just for Her…

Happy Anniversary! Yes, we have hit the 36 year mark!

I pulled out the music from our wedding today. I listened to it and my mind has drifted back to that moment 36 years ago. 

I remember recording this music at Freed-Hardeman in the radio station with dear friends singing with me. (There is NO WAY I would have done this live). 

There is one song that is OUR SONG. The old Don Williams song, “It Must Be Love” When the first note of that song plays, there is a smile that comes to our faces. I must admit, my heart beats a little more.

I am thankful for who this woman is…Quiet, strong, caring and loving. Oh if you think it has been perfect, guess again. We have had our shares of ups and downs. There have been things that have tried us. One think that has remained stable…love.

We have seen the changes in life. Time will do that to you. From the newly weds who had no clue what they were doing to the parents of a beautiful daughter. Losing grandparents and a parent, becoming the caretaker of a parent. And yes…becoming Grandparents! (Let us tell you a story about them!)

Her faith in God is amazing, that’s what makes her so strong. Her prayer life and love for the church is what helps me to be stronger.

She could have done better, much better, but she said yes to me. I thank God everyday that she did!

Our night will be simple…nothing fancy. She will get a simple gift and a card. (Cheeseballs) 

She also has my forever love… Happy Anniversary, Pam!

Till tomorrow

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