The Road to Sixty – Day 68

The Road to Sixty – Day 68

Circle of Friends 

I love my Wednesdays! Today was a special one. Generally on the first Friday of the month, I go to Columbia Academy Elementary (Columbia Campus) and have a period of singing with the children for chapel. I was asked to come today so I took the opportunity to go!

As they are coming in it’s all high fives and excitement. Sometimes I look at the teachers faces and I think, they are going to kill me because they get a bit too excited! (they have to go back to class)

I love going here because I see a lot of teachers that I have known for many years, some were kids when I moved here. They were involved in youth groups, camps and other church activities. Today, they are teaching children and are christian influences to a great group of young people.

Oh i love singing with this group, whether it be, My God is So Big, or the Noah song, maybe Light the Fire or Seek Ye First, these young people sing with all their hearts. 

After the chapel time it’s always time for a few fun songs. It seems their favorite is the “Iggle Wiggle” even before I get back up to start they have fingers in the air ready to go! 

We always leave with a smile on our face…and in our heart. 

Thank you C.A. for this opportunity to be an influence.

Till tomorrow…

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