The Road to Sixty – Day 69

The Road to Sixty – Day 69

So after morning Chapel at Spring Meadows Academy on Thursdays I take the opportunity to go to one of our local coffee shops for a snack or Coffee or Tea. It’s pretty interesting there as you will never know who you might see. I used to think it was a place for the younger people to go and hang out. But now it is very common to see retirees, younger, older, almost any profession walk in. 

And all I can think is…for coffee?

Well not just for coffee, for conversation, for work, for community.  If you go there enough, they know you by name. Yep, I’m guilty of that in a few places. I guess what I love the most is being able to see the parents of children that I am around. Most of them have dropped a child off at preschool and grabbing a quick cup, but they take the time to speak. 

I’m glad I have these opportunities to get to know them a little better. 

So if you come to The Fainting Goat, The Spring Hill Bakery, Just Love Coffee Cafe. You are libel to catch me there…Oh you might see Dale Jenkins there also, but he doesn’t drink coffee! 

If you see me there come up and speak, I’m never too busy to talk with friends, and the next cup will be on me!

Till tomorrow…

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