The Road to Sixty – Day 74

The Road to Sixty – Day 74

Little Things….

So today Pam and I had business in Nashville and on the way home we were starving. We joked about being “hangry”!  After going through our usual “Where do you want to eat?” questions and the “I don’t care!” answers, we both thought….Cheesecake.

Place solved. Cheesecake Factory here we come! 

The food was great and being with her was even better!  I guess while I was sitting there, in the back my mind, I was thanking God for all she does. 

So why not rejoice! celebrate!  I’m thankful that God has put her in my life that we work together.  It doesn’t take much to make us happy! Just looking at her makes me smile all the time!

I look forward to a LONG life with her! 

The cheesecake wasn’t that bad either…

Till tomorrow…

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