The Road to Sixty – Day 75

The Road to Sixty – Day 75

National Daughters Day!

It’s been all over the internet, every social media outlet…photos of the daughters celebrating National Daughters Day! I like many others will take this time to tell you about my girl. 

The pleasure of watching her grow up was a joy!  I would like to think she is a “Daddy’s Girl” but if I admit it, she was her parents child! The only child, yes, you could probably say that she was spoiled a bit, but she is worth it!

A teacher, hard worker, mother…I have seen her in all of these roles and she excels very well! I still believe whatever she dreams she could make come true.

She has weathered some storms in life, but come back stronger after the storm. I love her for her heart. Especially her heart for the Lord.

My princess has two princesses now, and they have a wonderful Mom! My prayer for her will always be that she takes what she has learned from the Lord and instill it in her family! 

So Happy Daughters Day! Yes, I am proud to be your Dad and thank God for you everyday!

Till tomorrow…

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