The Road to Sixty – Day 76

The Road to Sixty – Day 76

They REALLY help you!

So we are back in the hospital with Mom, (long story but I will not tell it here), and there have been some things that I have noticed.  I have seen more former friends, youth group members and former students than I have imagined. 

I have had more connections, (you know this person? they are my cousin) or I grew up in west Tennessee, did you know my brothers? Why yes! I did!

From the going into the Emergency Room, to the transportation to a regular room, to the physicians we have seen, the tech, the nurses and other whose positions I do not know. I am constantly touched in my life by people that have crossed paths formerly. 

But I am thankful…

For that ER Nurse a dear college friend who took the time to make sure Mom had what she needed. The transporter who gently moved her from her bed making sure that broken pelvis was secure. The third shift nurse who came down after her shift to make sure Mr. Jerry was okay before she went home. Tonight our nurse walked in the door, the professional that she is and the first thing she said was I noticed the last name. I’m glad to take care of her!

Wow….simply wow.

Thank you Lisa, Suzanne, Allie and Thompson

But I must say this before I close tonight, none of these that are helping, I would have never known if it had not been for the church. You see, you might see the nurse when they walk in the room, but me….I see the light of Jesus. Tender, compassionate, loving, gentle and kind!

Their nursing is pretty awesome too!

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