The Road to Sixty – Day 78

The Road to Sixty – Day 78

Sometime it just gets quiet….

Today Mom went back to the Rehab center after 3 days in the hospital. We have a long way to go to be healed, but it was time to leave the hospital. 

So we made it back, got settled in finished watching the Alabama game…she was in and out of it. She didn’t want dinner until Pam brought in Long John Silvers. Then she ate it all! Now she is back to sleep. she seems to be doing this a lot now. 

With everyone gone and only me and her in the room it is quiet, but quiet can be good. 

Quiet can give you time to think, reflect and listen. 

Quiet can make you observe that which is around you.

Quiet can be peaceful. 

Quiet is what you need sometimes to wake you up!

Be still and know that I am God!

We live in the noise of the world, sometimes it is unbearable. 

The quiet can bring us peace.

So tonight I will enjoy the peace and quiet as I prepare for a great time of worship!

Till tomorrow…

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