The Road to Sixty – Day 79

The Road to Sixty – Day 79

Sometimes You Need that Spark…

Needless to say it has been a tough time for Mom since Sept. 7. There have been good days and bad. Seeming more of the latter recently. 

But today…

Today, she had some guest. When the Grandchildren show up there is a bit of gleam that comes to her eye. even more when the Great-grandchildren show up! I know that she doesn’t feel well and is in quite a bit of pain, but she manages to give that beautiful smile to those around her.

But she has been that way her entire life…always capable to give a smile in some of the darkest of times. Some good friends came by today to see Ms. Dean and she couldn’t be more proud of who this family is and what the children are becoming!

So what does this do for me on this Road to Sixty? It shows me the love and influence that she has had on many people and how even at this time wants to continue to be that influence.  Whether it be family or friends I am proud to see her light shine among them. Even in the dark times.

I am proud to be my Momma’s boy!

Till tomorrow…

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